• Jay Goulart

Why Covid Has Had So Little Impact On Fundraising!

Updated: Feb 15

It was the week following September 11 2001, I was working at a boarding school in NH. A conference call had been scheduled with the head of school, members of

the development team, the executive committee of the board, and me the DOD.

We were stunned as a nation in the days and weeks following the attack, however we were in campaign mode and needed to make some big decisions about continuing with the momentum we had created. The leadership of the board were very conservative. After several minutes of circular conversation the Chair proclaimed to all of us on the call, “there will absolutely be no travel until everything gets back to normal”. I remember thinking for a moment, then I blurted out “when will that be?”. My point was, everything had changed on 9/11 and things would never be back to what they were before that day. I went on to ask “is our work educating the next generation less important now?”

While my points were accurate, it may not have been the best idea to challenge the Board Chair on that call. Lesson learned, but that is not the take away.

On to Covid. The harsh truth is that before Covid fundraising was driven by authentic and strategic conversations with the right people. Now during and

after Covid, fundraising will be driven by exactly the same thing.

Covid hasn’t changed fundraising, our perceptions have changed. We get in our own way. Some questions to consider:

  1. Does our work still mater?

  2. Do people still want to be of value and have their lives matter?

  3. What are the decisions you should make for each of your donors?

Stop sitting back and go see your next prospect. Let them decide if the timing is right.

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